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Technology TEAM is honored to be involved in the presentation of the "Hunt for Master Sergeant Hunt" web site. This project has evolved over the past few years culminating in MSG Hunt's son, US Army Major Ken Hunt, making his second trip to Vietnam in 1999 to search for his MIA father's remains.

Ken Hunt in Vietnam
Ken Hunt walks the ground near the spot of his father's disapperance during his 1999 trip to Vietnam.

Ken Hunt succeeded in his goal of standing on the very ground where his dad was last seen alive. While his father's remains have still not been located, his trip proved to US authorities that the location where his father was last seen alive is not under water, as suspected, following the post-war construction of an irrigation dam in that area.

As a result, the US government has reopened the case and will likely be sending a forensic team to the area sometime in the future.

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